The week of July 5, 2010.

The San Diego Coalition for Justice for Oscar Grant


To All Concerned Individuals, Communities and Organizations in San Diego:

We are inviting you to UNITE and stand in SOLIDARITY with peoples through out California and the nation, who demand justice for OSCAR GRANT, a 22 year old young man, who was executed face down by Oakland Transit Officer Johannes Mehserle. As the trial for the resigned officer concludes and we await the verdict this week, we are asking you to help us organize a unified response to this injustice and be a part of the formation of:

The San Diego Coalition for Justice for Oscar Grant.

Alongside our brothers and sisters from LA, Oakland and others across the nation we will gather and mobilize on the day/evening of the verdict to honor the life of this young father who was unjustly taken from his family, his girlfriend and 4-year-old daughter on New Years Day 2009.

*** We will unite to raise awareness to this issue and to show a unified force by the people who will stand firm in our struggle against injustice, racism and state violence against our working class communities, regardless of race, gender, citizenship or sexual orientation.

ON THE DAY THAT VERDICT is announced , regardless of the outcome, we will fiercely & peacefully mobilize:

@12pm at the San Diego Central Courthouse on 220 W. Broadway (between Union & Front) in Downtown at 12noon


@ 6:00pm at the ARMORY Hip Hop Shop downtown: F st. & 8th avenue for a candle light vigil & community speak out (with cultural program!) to demand justice for Oscar Grant and others who have suffered at the hands of state terror.

*** Send a text message with the word: "TRIAL" to 213-973-3434, and we'll send you a message as soon as we know when the verdict is going to be announced!***

*** We understand the murder of Oscar Grant as an outright violation of our human rights carried out by the very entities hired and paid to protect and serve the people. This is not an unfortunate accident, nor an isolated incident. This is yet again, an example of the repressive state “keeping order”; a patterned behavior by the authorities that continue to crack down on those perceived to be a threat or challenge to authority in this country.

*** As the diverse working class people of San Diego, we can no longer be silent on issues of police brutality and violence against our communities including undocumented workers from around the world. We must stand in unity against police and border agents who seek to intimidate and instill fear in our communities. We recognize the murder of Oscar Grant and Anastasio Hernandez-Rojas as an attack on the working class. These attacks are rooted in practices that serve to protect the privileged few rather than the masses.

If you are an organization, an individual, a father, a mother, or anyone that can sympathize and relate to this injustice and are interested in being a part of the SAN DIEGO COALITION for JUSTICE FOR OSCAR GRANT please email us at: or Together, let us amplify the voice of the people.

We will not be silenced! We demand justice!
No to state repression!
No to the criminalization of youth, people of color, immigrants & working class!
We are all Oscar Grant!
We are all Anastasio Hernandez-Rojas!