Jabbawockeez on Regis and Kelly this morning...

Monday, March 31, 2008

Ok so I dont wake up early enough to watch the show but luckily we got youtube right haha. Check it out rockin the Filipino Flag Color Jabbawockeez T's that were available exclusively at the Armory Survival Gear stores.

Updates on orders. Our first few days of orders takin have been getting shipped out. We get a new batch of shirts tomorrow so the next wave of shipments will be going out. So if you placed your order anywhere from the 19th-25th you should be getting shipped out by wed if you already havent been. The rest will get shipped out right after that. And from then on out we should be able to process and ship orders the same day there made instead of people waiting like they have been. Apologies to those waiting patiently and if we havent responded to your email its not that were ignoring you its just we have way to emails to get to. And we are trying our hardest to ship everything out in a timely manner.

Also for those that live in San Diego. Wed we will be releasing the Baby Blue. Black Rasta Colors and a store exclusive Tourqouise Jabbawockeez X Armory Tshirt. So just come into the shop on wed and we will have them in stock.

Thanks for your patience and above all else thanks for everyones support.

Armory and Jabbawockeez Fam

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Im kinda late but heres the pics from my trip Thursday Night....

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Its been a busy damn week and a half. Big ups to the Jabbawockeez boys as they took home the title on Thursday Night. I went to the show and it felt literally like I was at the super bowl. And we came out with the Royal Blue Jabbawockeez t’s on Friday sold out on Saturday crazyness I swear and the internet orders are getting backed up like crazy. Good news though more coming real soon and plus new designs as well and kids and womens sizes up next as well....

Yesterday checked out the GRand Royal event which was dope had a bboy battle with Kilafornia(Enerjetik and Little Rock) taking it over the locals Calamities(Joey and Lancer). Also a MC battle which was pretty cool. Surprised at the turn out for both MC and BBoy battles as it wasnt as many as I would think for an event like this. KRS-1 headlined the show with a 2 hour performance!!! Was crazy. Also Planet Asia and Living Legends own Scarub rounded out the bill. Being that it was all ages was beautiful to see families of hip hop lovers from allover SD come through to support. Big ups to Riz and Black Ran for putting on the event and the Fokai Familia, Alliance MMA for hosting and giving a open house for All Ages events to flourish. The scene definitely needs it. Next event is April 20th at Alliance MMA with the Armory and House of Rep camps teaming up to bring you the San Diego Beat Battle Round 3.

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New Crooks & Castles @ the Armory Pacific Beach

New Crooks & Castles @ Armory Pacific Beach

1539 Garnet Avenue
Pacific Beach, Ca 92109

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Jabbawockee Friday!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ashlee from the Mikey Morning Show (Rock 105.3) came in to pick up her tee...

^^Ashlee, Cherie and Kayleigh


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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just wanted to let everyone that ordered a JABBAWOCKEEZ TEE's that they are coming!

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Jabbawockeez New Color New Color!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sneak Peak...

Available Friday....both stores

Also we will have restocks on the Red Shirts for sure...Still waiting to hear word from the rest. Apologies for the delays these production runs on these shirts are crazy!!!!

Oh yeah go vote!!!

Oh and another thing check it out on April 11th @Aubergines....And the same day at 5pm in store at the Armory in Pacific Beach....

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New Flip the Bird @ Armory San Diego & Armory PB

New Fresh Jive @ Armory PB


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