So the past few weeks we threw an event called Represent 1 and Represent 2. Basically it was a fundaraising effort by the Armory to send a crew from San Diego to represent for the city at an event in the midwest called City vs City. The attendance was light but we still were able to raise over $1000 to help support the team get to Chicago. The winners of the event ended up chipping extra money in to rent a van and truck it to Chicago. Thats what you call dedication.

They ended up coming in 2nd place although I thought they won. Also Rion won Best Freezes and the crew altogether won Best Dressed(cant go wrong being sponsored by Armory on the fit).

Just wanted to say we here at the Armory are proud or our team they Repped our city to the fullest. We will be working on getting some cool events rolling and hopefully this time next year we can send another squad out there to win the next one.

Picture of the team and myself after the Represent 2 Event.
From left to right---CROS1, Eranetik, Nick Nasty, Rion, Mayo, Lancer, Julz Burns, Kid Nasty, Rey-S, Citrus and DynoRock

Preliminary Day 1 Battle vs Atlanta!

Semi Finals vs Minneapolis

FInal Battle with Chicago....I thought they won haha.

City vs City 6: San Diego vs Chicago: Final Battle from Shae Sawyer on Vimeo.