Since it's inception 7 years ago, The ARMORY has grown to be a well known hip hop shop nationwide & globally. With stores now open in Chicago, Tokyo, Japan, London & Korea, the Armory basecamp is located in the heart of the Gaslamp District, Downtown San Diego. Behind the business, is owner, CROS1 of Freestyle Session fame & the ARMORY MASSIVE crew; a network of B-boys, B-girls, MC's, DJ's, Producers, Graffiti Artists, Designers, Community Organizers & Hip Hop Heads worldwide. Armory Survival Gear is an in house brand that exists to push a collection of gear reigning from the east coast to west. Equally important, the shop stays true to the SD community, pushing the artistry of local SD homegrown creators & designers.

An entity & a force to be reckoned with, the Armory, is rooted with the people. Recognizing the patrons & respective blocks as it's backbone,the Armory plays a vital role in honoring & preserving the true roots of hip hop. The ongoing success of the ARMORY can be attributed to those whom have supported the shop & attended the numerous hip hop events such as Freestyle Session, Out For Fame, U.K. Championships, Mighty 4 & more.

In 2010, the Armory prevails like a combat ready soldier. This year they have made it a point to continue strengthening their alliance with the people, such as grassroots/progressive organization, KmB Pro-People Youth, USA. Most recently, they combined forces with BAMBU, one of the thoroughest underground & independent rappers of our generation, also former Chair of KmB LA. In the ARMORY x BAMBU collaboration, it is evident that the mission is to continue speaking to the broader masses & the aim is to deliver the message & merchandise precisely to the people...

ARMORY x BAMBU Collaboration.

In this climate of recession & hardship, BAMBU's "Paper Cuts" is a direct reflection of what WE are all facing locally & globally. This specific collab involved the collective creativity of the BAMBU camp, Armory Massive, & KmB SD. Representative of the masses, the common struggles faced by youth, women & our communities; these 3 designs pay homage & tribute to BAMBU's lyrical content; moreover, the true essence of the people & our ongoing, necessary fight for genuine change & progress. Get Involved. Get YOUR shirt now!

"ORIGINIAL GUNSLINGER" What's your survival gear? This design is remnant of BAMBU x FATGUMS EP, A Peaceful Riot (Gunslinger) combined with the hook from "Slow Down". This piece speaks to what happens when the money GET's LOW. Bottomline: stay sharp & stay strapped (metaphorically speaking). During these times of crisis, recession & red-lining - we must be precise & get educated about our rights; survive & resist.

"I BELIEVE IN THE BLOCK" A subtle bar in "Slow Down", but a powerful principle & ideology in which BAMBU lives & dies by. Simply put, rep your block, rep where you're from! Progress is made when we anchor ourselves in the community & stand shoulder to shoulder with the hard-working & the working class people. if we don't believe in our block, whom will? So, where do you stand? & what's your location!?!!

"THE QUEEN IS DEAD" "BOOM BYE BYE...This is why i dont refer to women as queens/cus you got fingers like me, to squeeze an M16." Say goodbye to the contradiction & exploitation; demand the RESPECT of our sistren & the women in our lives. The sacrifice. The revolutionary..."I'll call you a soldier instead!"