Happy New Years Everyone!!!!!

Heres some events we got going on this month!!!!

Daddy Rich and Tat Money at U-31 at the all new Generations Party which is held at U-31 every Thursday Night(formerly the 80s and 90s Night)

also for the bboys bgirls and all age crowd later this month we are bringing back a legendary event. THE BUG OUT!!!

Judges Lil Rock, E-Swift and Reveal

Kid Riz
Jaba One
Mane One
Charlie Rock
more to be announced.

2 on 2 Bboy Battle for $500 in cash and prizes($250 cash and $250 in Armory Gear)

1 on 1 Poppin Battle for $200 in cash and prizes($100 cash and $100 in Armory Gear)

Cipher King presented by THEBBOYSPOT.com
for $250 gift certificate to THEBBOYSPOT.com

Graffiti Exhibitions

Graffiti Pocket Can Piece Battle for $100 gift certificate to Armory.
(Participants will be givin there choice of 6 pocket cans to do a piece on a Canvas. Winner will be chosen by Audience vote)


BBQ. Food. Drinks.

$10 at door. Kids under 13 FREE.

1509 Broadway in Downtown San Diego. Armory Warehouse.

more announcements real soon....get ready!