Ok so the idea behind this pack was basically an ode to NWA. Back in the days when they first came out they were very influential. Before they came out the biggest MC's were always from the East. but when NWA came out sporting there cascade jackets, tshirts and jeans. It was like whoa. So we bringing out some heat 3 different shirts one drop. Also there was one shirt thats missing which will be coming out real soon as well but we will have the info for that soon. Anyways April 18th save the date. Shirts are dropping with a very limited run 50 pieces of each design and colorway.

San Diego Kings, Damn They Ruthless and I Love My Attitude Shirts will be dropping.
Real Men Wear Armory coming soon! And for the ladies we are working on getting the womens versions out soon as well. S-XXXL

Teaser photo below as posted on CROS1's twitter. www.Twitter.com/iamcros1