So a few months ago I went to R-16 one of the largest events in the world. Thrown by the Armory Massive out in Korea along with the Korean Tourist Boureau. They flew out over 300 participants, photographers, graff writers, dj's and much more. Here are some clips from the weekend festivities. Check out Super Cr3w as this was the weekend before America's Best Dance Crew started and we actually chopped it up in the bus ride home about doing the collabo shirt thats now in the shop.....

R16: the fun begins:
Pioneer Crew:
Super Crew:
Top 9 Crew (part 1):
Top 9 Crew (part 2):
Immortal Style crew:
imeem takes in Graffiti @ R16:
Bgirls rock R16:
imeem wraps up R16: