Steady workin on fall/winter 08 right now but had to bust this one out I get excited just thinking about putting this one out.

If any of you guys out there ever been to downtown San Diego in the late 90's you would have seen the LPSD wall thrown down by the homie Zodak. It was a landmark in the city for years. Finally got a cool picture of the wall and had the homie re airbrush it to make it look just like the wall and made some adjustments to it to make it more T-Shirt ready.

This t-shirt will be a collabo between the Armory Survival Gear Brand as well as LPSD the group(King D is the manager of the Downtown Armory store and the rest of the fellas are a part of the conglomerate known as Armory Massive), as well as Zodakism(Zodak's latest t-shirt venture [url][/url]) as well as the brand Zodak and Severe was a part of and still rep to this day Top 2 Bot'm.

It will be available at the Armory Shop later this summer and will probably be including some extra goodies so be on the look out. Also it will be available through Zodak's release of Zodakism clothing coming out this fall stay tuned to his website [url][/url]

Heres the original wall, mock up of the t-shirt design as well as the classic video the homie Bryan Bell edited for our trip out to Japan a few years back.

Armory Massive Bak Acha wit da Real 08 until Infinity....