Established back in 1995 and reactivated by Team Armory in conjunction with Fokai, Grand Royal focuses on the true essence of Hip Hop culture. Featuring live performances, MC battles, Bboy battles, and an official graffiti gallery! This event will definitely bring you back to the roots of what Hip Hop culture is really all about.

What does Grand Royal have in store for you? The main stage is a boxing ring! MC battles and performances by Blastmaster KRS One, Planet Asia of Cali Agents, and Scarub from the Westcoast Super Crew- Living Legends! Hosted by the Legendary Kutfather and Beehive! ON THE DECKS WILL BE Steven Flex, Charlie Rock, DJ Abel, Jaba, Kid Dragon, Unique, Sake and DJ Ruthless! One main room dedicated to the Mc’s and DJ’s and ANOTHER room dedicated to the Bboys and the Graff Heads.

Featured in the Graffiti Gallery will be Zodak, Sake, TVC, Brisk, Pres One, Pose 2, Drastik, Irie, Romali, Kuya and much more!